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Flex MBar 24″ with Hub

$54.95 Including GST

Why choose the Flex MBar 24″ with Hub?

The Flex MBar™ is an innovative and modular, 2 bar training system, enabling the user to utilise either a single or dual ended Mbar with eyebolt anchor points.
This fantastic training system gives you an infinite amount of training movements to add into your workout routine.
With eyebolts on either end to easily add resistance to every exercise, and with the addition of the Flex Hub, this training bundle becomes a truly an all-in-one, powerhouse training tool.
Here are just some ways you can incorporate the use of all 3 training mode options:

  • Utilise a single Mbar to attach to your Flex Disc for shoulder flexibility and more!
  • Attach both Mbars onto a pair of Flex Kords to enable rowing & pressing exercises!
  • Utilise the additional Hub attachment with your Flex Disc, adding even more variations to your core exercises.

The Flex MBar™ 24″ with Flex Hub is an amazing system with endless possibility.

Best Features:

  • – Use individually as 2, 12″ MBars or screw together to form a 24” long training Mbar.
  • – Made with high quality foams and steel construction.
  • – All Mbar options are attachable to both resistance bands or cable machines.
  • – Connect a singular MBar to a Flex Disc to create an omnidirectional Flex Roller for the ultimate core workout.
  • – Attach a Flex Kord™ to one or both MBars for a variety of functional training movements.
  • – Create a Flex Roller with both bars screwed together through the Flex Hub and Flex Disc.