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Flex 6″ MBar Pair

$39.95 Including GST

Why choose the Pair of Flex 6″ MBars?

The Flex MBar™ 6″ is the perfect training Mbar for single handed exercises, and when using them as a pair only adds further complexity to your resistance based workouts!
Whether attached to the Flex Kord for resistance band exercises or attached to the Flex Disc for invigorating, stability workouts, this pair of 6″ Flex MBars will provide fitness enthusiasts with an incredible amount of workout ideas and movement variations to complete.

This awesome product is sold in pairs, constructed from quality steel construction and durable foam handles with 2 removable eyebolts included.
Looking for the perfect tools to add to your resistance workouts, you’ve found them, right here!

Best Features:

  • Screw the open end of the Mbar directly into a Flex Disc for movement with multiple hand position options.
  • Attach a Flex Kord Classic to the eyebolt for asymmetrical resistance training.
  • Convert a singular MBar™ into a dual anchor point handle by screwing in the additional eyebolt and attaching 2 Flex Kords™ to both eyebolts for an added variety of functional training movements.
  • Combine into different lengths of MBars ranging from 6”-36’.
  • All attachable to Flex Kords or cable machines.