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Flex Wall Pro

$79.95 Including GST

Flex Wall

$39.95 Including GST

Flex MBar 24″

$49.95 Including GST

Flex 6″ MBar Pair

$39.95 Including GST

Flex Kord – Loop Handles

$29.95$44.95 Including GST

Flex Blox

$49.95$79.95 Including GST

Two Flex Disc Minis

Flex Disc Minis – Pair

$189.95 Including GST

Flex Disc with Pad

Flex Disc

$159.95 Including GST

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Flex MVMT Australia provides a wide range of high quality, fitness training tools that allows users to perform an unlimited number of strength, stability, core, balance, and flexibility exercises in order to help you attain your health and fitness goals.

From Flex Discs to Flex Kords, our range of Flex products are built with quality materials, unique functionality and outstanding durability.

If you're looking for incredible training equipment to compliment your home, gym, yoga or Pilates workout routine, you've come to the right place!