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Flex Kord Barre-Post Anchor – Pair

$16.95 Including GST

Why choose the pair of Flex Kord Barre-Post Anchors?

Looking for an easy way to anchor your Flex Kord Classics or resistance bands?
Flex Mvmt Australia has the answer!

The Flex Kord Barre-Post Anchors are simple anchor points which connect around your studio barre poles or any other stationary object, making resistance workouts a breeze to complete, no matter where you are!
Whether you’re training at home or on the go, taking these anchor points with you allows you to training whenever and wherever you are!

Best Features:

  • – Wraps around barre poles and so many other objects, simply wrap and train!
  • – Attached to your Flex Kord or resistance bands.
  • – Soft, durable materials, minimising potential damage to anchoring points.
  • – Comes as a pair to allow users to anchor 1 or 2 separate Flex Kords.


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