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Flex Kord 24″ Classic

$34.95 Including GST

Why Choose The Flex Kord 24″ Classic?

The Flex KordTM 24″ Classic is an innovative and easy-to-use resistance based training tool from Flex Mvmt Australia.
The Flex Kord Classic is built with protective elasticised tubing to ensure maximum stretch and minimise the risk of injury.
The above feature allows the Flex Kord Classic 24″ to stretch up to 3 metres, providing greater intensity and versatility to your movements and exercise program.
Each end of the Kord is also designed with sleeved elastic for durability and integrated clip-on steel carabiners, making it a breeze clip into your anchor, Flex Disc, Flex MBar and so much more!

The Flex Kord 24″ Classic provides users with loaded resistance training, which in turn provides access to strength, flexibility, ,stretching, core and more, resistance based exercises.
This amazing training tool is a must-have addition to your gym equipment, MBar and Flex Disc training routine.

Best Features:

  • – Dual carabineer endings for easy attachment.
  • – Stretch’s up to 3 metres with ease.
  • – Elastic outer sleeve protects tubing from sunlight, dirt, nicks, scuffs and cuts.
  • – Elastic sleeves are affixed at both ends to prevent tube from over stretching.
  • – Compact and low profiling makes this training tool easy to store at your home or to take on all types of travel.
  • – Easily attaches to anchor points, Flex Discs, MBars and more!