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Flex Kord Loop Handles – Pair

$19.95 Including GST

Why choose the pair of Flex Kord Loop Handles?

These soft, padded Flex Kord loop handles are designed to enhance your resistance based workouts, without the need to utilise your grip.
With the ability to attach or loop around your limbs with ease, your workouts
Simply attached these loop/s to your Flex Kord Classic and can be used with your hands or feet for a variety of resistance based exercises.

Whether looped around the ankle for leg extensions, around the wrist for shoulder stability, these handles provide so many added benefits to compliment your gym, yoga or Pilates based workout.
If you’ve ever wanted to add more variation to your resistance band workouts and eliminate the need for grip based exercises, these handles are for you.

Best Features:

  • – Removes the need to grip and completely eliminates hand fatigue.
  • – Easily attach/loop around your hands, wrists, ankles, feet and more for a multitude of workout variations.
  • – Padded internally for added comfort.
  • – Made of durable materials and quality steel loop endings.
  • – Can be attached to Flex Kords, resistance bands and cable machines.


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