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Flex Blox

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Why Choose The Flex Blox?

Purchase a pair of Flex Blox and save over 35%!

Flex Blox from Flex Mvmt Australia are a great addition to your core, resistance and stability based exercise routine.
These tools have been ergonomically engineered to match the natural contour and shaping of your hands which in-turn lowers the risk of wrist pain during body weight based exercises.

The Flex Blox’s dome shaping places your hand and wrist into a 45 angle instead of the typical 90 angle when completing a plank or push up.
On top of this design, the added closed cell foam material provides the perfect balance between feeling supportive and comfortable.
Easily perform traditional body weight exercises such as push ups, mountain climbers, planks or utilise for your favourite yoga moves like downward dog with minimal discomfort.
Additionally, simply screw the Flex Blox dome off its base and into a Flex Disc for comfortable, multi-planar movement based exercises!

Best Features:

  • – Natural dome shaping matches the contouring of your hand, minimising hand and wrist pain!
  • – Closed cell foam construction for comfort and feedback.
  • – Easy screw in/out installation.
  • – Attaches to your Flex Disc with ease!
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