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Flex Blox & Flex Disc Minis Bundle

$269.90 Including GST

Why Choose The Flex Blox & Flex Disc Minis Bundle?

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The ultimate, Flex training pack!
Combine the ergonomics of the Flex Blox with a pair of Flex Disc Minis to complete your functional, resistance based, training workout.

Flex Blox & Flex Disc Minis Bundle Includes:

  • – 2 x Flex Blox
  • – 2 x Flex Disc Minis
  • – 2 x Flex Disc Mini Pads


The Flex Disc Mini’s, innovative, low impact, rolling platform establishes itself and its Ground Movement Training™ system as incredibly effective method for increasing:

  • – Mobility
  • – Stability
  • – Balance
  • – Core-Strength


The  Flex Disc Mini’s 6, unique, double ball-bearing polyurethane wheel construction provides you with an incredibly effortless and omnidirectional range of motion which can be used on:

  • – Rubber
  • – Carpet
  • – Cement
  • – Wood


Flex Blox from Flex Mvmt Australia are a great addition to your core, resistance and stability based exercise routine.
These tools have been ergonomically engineered to match the natural contour and shaping of your hands which in-turn lowers the risk of wrist pain during body weight based exercises.

Don’t miss out, gift yourself this unbeatable Flex training pack today!

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