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Flex Disc

$159.95 Including GST

Why Choose The Flex Disc?

The Flex Disc’s, innovative, low impact, rolling platform establishes itself and its Ground Movement Training™ system as incredibly effective method for increasing:

  • – Mobility
  • – Stability
  • – Balance
  • – Core-Strength


The  Flex Disc’s 8, unique, double ball-bearing polyurethane wheel construction provides you with an incredibly effortless and omnidirectional range of motion which can be used on:

  • – Rubber
  • – Carpet
  • – Cement
  • – Wood


Flex Disc’s patented design includes a central hub for removable, twist-click, self-locking dome handles, as well as 6 attachment points for Flex Kords, resistance cables ,cable machine and much more.
Unlike gliding and sliding based fitness tools, Flex Disc’s provide an incredible stability challenge requiring you to maintain stability and core control.
Whether you are performing a stationary plank or dynamic based exercise such as a lunge, the Flex disc provides you with so many additional benefits.

The Flex Disc has a diameter of 35cm and each disc comes with an additional, 19mm thick rubber pad that can be placed on top of the base of the disc additional cushioning on the hands, feet and joints.

Best Features:

  • Increase your mobility, stability, balance and core strength.
  • Built from premium materials.
  • Engineered with 8 precision wheel fixtures for effortless, multidirectional movements.
  • Patented middle hub for additional accessories, adding more diversity of exercises and challenge.
  • Additional 19mm rubber pad included.


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