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Flex Kord – Loop Handle 3 Set Bundle

$109.85 Including GST

Why Choose The Flex Kord with Loop Handles – 3 Pack?

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This bundle includes 1 of every Flex Kord Loop Handles!
That means having all 8″, 12″ & 48″ length models!

The Flex KordTM with Loop Handles is an innovate and ideal resistance training tool for all fitness levels and ages.
Bundled in 3 fantastic lengths, 8″, 12″ & 48″, this Kord is built to suit every fitness enthusiasts needs!
This Kords unique loop handles provide the user with multiple, unique grips and anchor options, removing the need for grip based exercises and enabling a new range of movement possibilities.

The Flex Kord with Loop Handles is built with protective elasticised tubing to ensure maximum stretch and minimal risk of injury.
This unique feature enables the Flex Kord to have a to stretch of up to 3 metres, giving you greater versatility and higher intensity to your exercise program.

Best Features:

  • – Comes with 3 awesome lengths, 8″, 12″ or 48″.
  • – Looped handles to reduce hand and grip fatigue.
  • – Stretch’s up to 3 metres with ease.
  • – Fixed elastic sleeve endingstto prevent tubing from over stretching
  • – Elastic outer sleeve protects tubing from sunlight, dirt, nicks, scuffs and cuts.
  • – Integrated loop handle stretches to secure hands, wrists, ankles or feet.
  • – Compact and low profiling makes this training tool easy to store at your home or to take on all types of travel.
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