Why Flex Discs Are Essential Training Tools – 4 Reasons

Why Flex Discs Are Essential Training Tools – 4 Reasons

An Essential Training Tool – Flex Discs – 4 Reasons Why

Flex Discs are the new kid on the block.
An innovative tool from Flex Mvmt Fitness, built to assist your progress in your health and fitness journey.

No matter the goal, Flex Discs are purpose-built to supplement every workout.
Here are 4 reasons why Flex Discs should be a staple training tool in your home or gym!

  • 1. Groundbreaking, ground movement tool.

The Flex Disc is built for the ground, designed for flawless, omnidirectional movements, and built to handle most floorings with super-smooth motion.
Whether you’re training strength, stability, co-ordination and much more

The Flex Disc can cater to all experience and fitness levels, giving you endless opportunities to increase the intensity and complexity of your next workout.

  • 2. Usable on almost any surface!

Flex Discs are built with 6 precision-made wheel fixtures, making it a breeze to use these tools on rubber, concrete, wood, carpet and so much more!
Whether you’re training at home, in the garage, outside, or in the gym, the Flex Discs are capable of handling it all.

  • 3. Lightweight, easy to move, transport & store.

Not only are Flex Discs easy to use and maneuver, but are also easy to store after a workout and easy to take with you to any location.
Flex Discs are quality and versatile tools that you can use in almost any environment.

  • 4. Amazing accessories for endless possibilities.

Flex Discs not only work well on their own but are also built with a patented centre hub and sides that can attach multiple accessories, such as the Flex Kords, Flex MBars,  and much more!

Adding accessories opens 1000’s of new possibilities for more movements and intensive exercises.

If the above reasons have peeked your interest, check out our entire range of Flex products right here!

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